About Sonia

Sonia Jeantet is an experienced Fortune 100 executive and  a successful entrepreneur and founder of CIMA Executive Development based in Newport Beach, California.

She partners with Senior Leaders to optimize the performance of their executive teams.  Ms. Jeantet  provides confidential counsel toward improving trust, effectiveness and profit of organizations.

Sonia’s career has always focused on getting results. Her 16 year executive experience includes general management and senior business development roles with  American Express, HP and Digital Equipment Corporation.   Her innovative and strategic leadership led to breakthroughs for new business in accounts and sectors that generated long term profitability.

Ms. Jeantet “grew up” as an executive within company cultures that fostered innovation and excellence. She understands the gratification but also the isolation that can accompany senior roles.

Today, Sonia removes the barriers of isolation for a senior leader or high potential in any organization. She is your independent and confidential performance partner who provides “inside knowledge” of the conversations and expectations of the C suite leader(s), or enhances understanding of the impact of your behavior on others, or provides counsel on next steps in the  business or your career.

Over the past two decades Cima Executive Development has provided the view and perspective from the top. Cima in Spanish means top, peak, summit. Sonia empowers  and challenges her clients to reach their full potential. She provides a supportive, confidential experience for Senior Leaders to explore and gain insights about themselves and their circumstances. These insights lead to actionable and measureable development plans that are tailored and relevant to the leader and their situation.

Her education includes a degree in Business from the University of Denver, an International MBA from Thunderbird and a Master Executive Coach degree from the College of Executive Coaching, an ICF accredited organization. She is bilingual in Spanish and English with strong experience and understanding of the mindset of a global organization.

If you are interested in speaking with Sonia call (949) 645-1058 or email us at performancepartner@cimaed.com.